Mar. 2018

We are Asset Gatherers (yet not a TPM!)

When I tell people we assist in asset gathering for money managers of all types (ETFs, mutual funds, real estate, hedge funds, private equity, etc.), most people assume we are a third party marketing firm (TPM), but we are not.

In fact, we are the opposite; we are a new breed of systematic, data-driven marketers.

The old way is boots-on-the-ground, working contact lists for that new client, taking meetings, doing dinners and attending conferences to expand the sphere of influence.

Although we appreciate the old fashioned grit and hard work, we find that method too inefficient for 2018 and our clients. We respect many TPM firms; many are similar to mutual fund wholesalers, dialing for dollars on the road. Although it takes a strong work ethic to do those jobs, ultimately, it is a low probability way to gather new assets.

We use terms like probability because we calculate the likelihood of positive results. We have our finger on the pulse of what, let’s say the financial advisor community (and RIAs) are thinking, allocating and where they are probably headed based on the diverse investment strategies and asset classes of our clients. We see what has traction based on the programs we run for our clients.

Our job is to package managers, their strategies and product structure, adding some of their thoughts on topics that are of keen interest to their target audience. Yes, things managers say can resonate if the topics are selected based on audience need, but they are not necessarily about the product being sold. This is a worthwhile investment to establish shared concerns, voice their honest perspective, and display real intelligence. From that base, we can introduce the concept of the specific investment process and thesis, active or passive, engaging the audience organically and precisely measuring the results. Content marketing alone will not deliver the desired results.

The results we seek from a retail audience for ETFs may be new creation units. With advisors or even institutions, it is precisely tracking their engagement, order, time invested and which content is accepted and engaged. Our multi-factor scoring model helps separate who is only curious and discerns those who are most likely interested in allocating. This precision indication of interest is one of our key deliverables.

Salespeople love to work with prospects who know who they are, believe the firm is intelligent and have a specific interest in a product or strategy. “Andy, why not make their job that much easier?” That is what we deliver and how we define the foundation of modern asset gathering.


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