Raising Capital - The Digital Raise Evolution

Historically, specialized institutions such as venture capital firms, merchant and investment banks have been the staple for private businesses and special projects, like Broadway shows, to raise capital. In the 1990s, we saw the rise of angel investors—wealthy people who typically invest in startups run by friends, family or referrals in an industry where they have deep domain experience and contact.

The Old Process Has Been Replaced

The new way is to tap into your customers, and others just like them, with an affinity to your business or project, allowing you to raise up to $50 million per year and remain private or trade your stock on an exchange (Reg A+ Offerings).

By leveraging the JOBS Act, it is now compliant to target institutions, such as Family Offices, qualified investors (the 650,000 households with over $5 million in investable assets) and accredited investors without a prior relationship. Now, ALL investors can be reached.

E5A–A Leader In Modern Capital Raising

The firm is led by a former equity portfolio manager, ETF designer, public company chief marketing officer, agency CEO and fintech entrepreneur who began his career crafting Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) for major investment banks.

Your Own Portal

For serial issuers (always raising capital), such as real estate developers and entertainment firms, we offer our front-end portal technology at efficient rates. Why bring your investors to a public portal and share them with all of their other offerings when they can remain yours? We are happy to walk you through our custom-built tech platform to attract and close investors. We only supply this technology to our marketing clients.


Targeting all the appropriate consultants and going directly to Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations and other institutions with precision is our expertise.

Logical and math-based planning combined with positioning, messaging and the discipline to test, measure and constantly optimize our execution ultimately provide you well-informed, impressed and interested prospects.

Qualified and Accredited Investors

Ten million U.S. citizens are accredited investors and approximately 650,000 of them are qualified ($5 million households). We target and bring as many of these investors under your umbrella to fill your offering.

Our efforts are advanced through behavior assessment and by better educating and motivating them through the process toward investment. This is best achieved through our segmentation of these investors, highly targeted messaging and creating and optimizing our decision tree.

All Investors: Reg A(+)

Today, you can turn your customers into investors! These projects are special to us as we convert customers to investors and bring in new prospects that “behave similarly” to become BOTH investors and new customers. This “two-fer” makes our work go the extra mile in the ROI department.

Systemmatic and Programmatic For All Offerings

E5A teams with several broker-dealers, who handle the back-end of the capital raise, AML, suitability, escrow and other critical regulatory functions. Each relationship provides a streamlined digital experience.

What we deliver:

A process that brings your target investors into a deal room, or identifies institutions that are interested in investing.

  • Creating and widening your pool of investors
  • Filling your deal room faster
  • Turning customers into investors
  • Turning investors into customers
  • Leveraging them for multiple reuses (think real estate or entertainment projects who are always raising capital)

Clients Invest Marketing Budgets in E5A For:

  • Results / ROI
  • Streamlined Digital Process
  • Depth of Experience with Marketing and Investing
  • Tenured Team
  • Benefits to Serial Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors

Our ease of engagement begins a new chapter in raising assets - Touching New Ground without Breaking It.


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