Now is the time for your marketing to evolve at the same pace as the investment side of your business.

E5A is a leader in modern marketing for asset managers. The firm is led by a former CIO
and ETF designer and is as process- and data-driven as it is strategically creative.

What we deliver: a clear, systematic, and effective process that helps you grow AUM.

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Getting the right offering to the right investor segment is not enough to achieve success in today’s marketplace. Fee compression is rampant. Market volatility is returning. Now, institutions, advisors, and individuals are less homogenous and require subsegments, each of which has different needs and motivations. The right strategy—and even strong performance—means different things to different segments.

Demonstrating knowledge, experience, and trustworthiness to investors is a prerequisite to achieving any kind of marketing success, and allocators come in more forms today than ever before.

E5A approaches these requirements systematically. Within each investor sector, our team critically evaluates and segments multiple factors when selecting data targets, focusing on the overall probability of success. Websites, ads, pitchbooks, and Thought Leadership are nuanced for each segment. Few firms besides E5A have investment professionals writing and designing materials alongside ad and marketing professionals. These insights are not lost on our target audiences, or on our clients’ AUM win rates.

Our knowledge of asset gathering across channels is firsthand, derived from winning mandates and managing assets in funds, separate accounts, and productized vehicles such as ETFs and hedge funds.

We understand distribution and investors’ needs and motivations, and are redefining the role of marketing in winning new assets.


Financial Advisors and Their Gatekeepers
From wires to independents, this is a highly sought-after group. Gaining their trust and access to their asset allocation models—on a firm level, office by office, and advisor by advisor—is the ultimate goal. E5A can help you win their minds and AUM. By monitoring their behavior and engagement, we identify which advisors are interested in your strategy. This optimizes wholesaler activity and maximizes productivity. It engages advisors at scale, creating a pipeline of advisors who are educated on your firm and its strategies. Simply put, we identify the tipping point at which they indicate serious allocating interest.

Institutions and Their Consultants
Differentiating your investment process—even to highly educated institutional audiences—takes work. It begins with targeting the right groups and pinpointing content that will engage them. As they engage over time, they “self- identify” their allocating interest. Getting the right institutions and consultants to understand your investment thesis and process is how and where allocations accelerate. It requires deep, rich Thought Leadership, as well as the ability to both simplify messaging for initial contact and first meetings and, over time, add depth and complexity for thorough understanding. This results in new allocations and wins over consultants, OCIOs, and direct allocators, allowing them to consider more than just the mandate at hand when examining your strategy.

Direct to Retail
Qualified and accredited investors. Mass affluent investors. Many of them, despite having advisors—human or Robo—keep a portion of their investable assets self- directed. Gaining conversions at scale is one of our favorite assignments. Data science is particularly effective with large datasets (such as those of individuals). We pinpoint them and, through attribution analysis, uncover affinities that make direct customer acquisition achievable at scale. These investors have different motivations and require segmentation and nuanced messaging. Our proven process begins with targeting and aids investors in understanding your investment thesis, typically delivering assets without any human interaction.

E5A empowers asset gathering and opens new distribution channels with our proven methodology.

Employee Populations and IRA Rollovers You can’t fight demographics: 10,000 people are retiring every day. Capturing their 401ks and new NextGen 401k allocations is key to maintaining and growing AUM. As employment levels remain robust and mobility continues, capturing 401k-to-IRA rollovers is also a source of sticky AUM. Lastly, we are experienced at encouraging 401k participation. Financial education is still well below where we should be as a nation. E5A is here to help with each of these initiatives.

Getting Started
After studying your current efforts, we work to maximize the probability of success. We begin by matching our client with prospective investors’ data to ensure that scale can be achieved— even institutionally. We then commence a thorough onboarding process: we customize our workshop to uncover your differentiation, document the customer journey, and hone in on identifying prospects' motives, demographics, and behaviors. From there we deliver a messaging platform, acquisition campaign structure, schedule of all material creation, data targeting, and media plan.

Read Our Complimentary Fact Sheet

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Our optimization process combines messaging, data, and media, culminating in a greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts result. Our clients call it fantastic.


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