Acquiring Customers

At the heart of E5A is our burning desire to help clients increase their revenue.

We want to understand your goals and what drives them. We seek to dive deep into your prospects’
behavior and demographics. We want to understand and illuminate the customer journey and motivations.

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It all begins with a plan supported by a series of strategies: goal-setting, audience identification and data targeting, strategic creative, and media planning designed for optimization, all aimed at one result—materially increasing revenue.

Our job is to push the limits. Doing incrementally better than your current efforts doesn’t make the grade at E5A. We seek the optimal outcome: the success that promotes our client, its products and services, and the team with which we work.

We call it revenue acceleration. The E5A approach may be a little different, and can have a huge positive impact on your business.

Getting Started

After studying your current efforts, we work to maximize the probability of success. We begin by matching our client with prospective investors’ data to ensure that scale can be achieved—even institutionally. We then commence a thorough onboarding process: we customize our workshop to uncover your differentiation, document the customer journey, and identify prospects' motives, demographics, and behaviors. From there we deliver a messaging platform, acquisition campaign structure, schedule of all material creation, data targeting, and media plan.

Our optimization process combines messaging, data, and media, culminating in a greater-than-the sum-of-its-parts result. Our clients call it fantastic.

B2C - New Customers

Scale: the lifeblood of both the digital and physical worlds. For so many consumer-facing businesses, it’s a constant challenge. E5A is a systematic, data-driven acquisition firm. From ice cream to tech to luxury products and services, we have worked closely in the scaling of businesses.

B2B - New Clients

We have made a measurable impact on clients focused on serving businesses. The need to acquire clients efficiently, systematically, and consistently is where we shine. Our success within designing acquisition strategies and campaigns and executing across media is broad. From working with the C-suite to pitching the enterprise, E5A has the experience and expertise to achieve your goals.

E5A focuses on achieving its goals at the lowest media investment. Programmatic media has extended itself across a range of media: ads, social media, email, TV and radio, and now traditional mail. Each tool is evaluated based on audience demographics and behavior, along with dynamically optimized messaging designed to minimize media investment and the time required to achieve our goals.

Read Our Complimentary Fact Sheet

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