May. 2018

Reg A+ NYC Conference June 12, 2018

E5A’s CEO, Andrew Corn will be presenting at The Reg A Conference about how to implement successful marketing in a capital raise and how to acquire investors for an offering.

Reg A is a new way for companies, real estate, and entertainment projects to raise money from their own fans and customers. It is a tremendous opportunity for smaller companies in the early stage to access capital. Companies can now raise money and offer shares to anyone who is interested in investing, at any level of income. Marketing firms like E5A assist these companies in amplifying their messaging in order to reach a broader universe of prospects, acquiring investors in the business or project, and bringing in new customers as a highly intentional byproduct. In fact, acquiring new customers and increasing the firm’s profile is a big selling point for those selecting Reg A.

Marketing is most successful with companies with revenue, pedigree or the potential for enormous scale. This is an area where Hollywood has been on the right track. They place importance on social media following and prior financial performance. People in the entertainment space such as actors, directors, and writers with a large following can assist in creating buzz that most likely translates into real revenue (like predictability of ticket sales to a movie). Similarly to how influencers with a large following have a higher probability of gaining revenue and investment, firms with a large following and loyal customer base of affluent adults often see the most success.

At the conference, Andrew will be addressing how to properly market a Reg A offer with details on:

  • How and where to market
  • SEC rules/Trigger words to avoid
  • How to reach the right audience
  • How to measure success/ROI

We are looking forward to the conference. Andrew Corn will stick around after his presentation to answer any questions and to meet qualified companies that are interested in getting started in this Reg A space.
The conference is organized by DealFlow, a recognized leader in reporting on and analyzing innovative financial services.

If you are interested in attending the conference or to learn more, you can register by clicking here.


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