Current Income and Long-term Appreciation in Marketing!

There are more things in common with managing a marketing campaign and an investment portfolio than is typically first perceived. To excel at either, one needs to be well versed in data, analytics and deriving the optimal action insights—not just … Continued

Adding Math To Your Marketing: Happy Pi Day!

Some people told me that they’ve never heard of Pi Day until they had kids. I guess celebrating math wasn’t as big of a deal as it is today. When I first started in marketing and advertising, I thought math … Continued

Active Managers Can Win New Mandates

Anyone who reads or watches media or reviews stats from places like the Investment Company Institute knows that passive management has and still is kicking active managers’ butts. The proliferation of ETFs (I have designed six indexes tracked by ETFs, … Continued

Investment Fashionistas: 2017 Real Estate is the “New Black”

In fashion, everything wants to be the “new black,” as black has, is, and will always be in fashion. To achieve this ubiquity and sustainability, it comes down to achieving some basic investing principles: performance, transparency and an understandable, consistent … Continued

Hedge Fund Outflows, Where Does It End?

Let’s face it, we all saw this coming. Like a car crash in slow motion, where few of us watched and tried to stop it. This time, most people in the industry turned their heads before the crash; many hedge … Continued

Why Mini-IPOs Will Be Successful

Underwriters continue to smirk at the revolution in raising private capital, but now many are taking notice. Why? As deal marketers, we have helped issuers complete successful raises, implementing the JOBS Act for private placements. With the new regulations, they … Continued

The Value of Mobile Ads

We love to watch the Superbowl and the Academy Awards for the ads as much as we do for the action. How often do ads work for you on your phone? We all know that if we had the option … Continued


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