The Value of Mobile Ads

We love to watch the Superbowl and the Academy Awards for the ads as much as we do for the action. How often do ads work for you on your phone? We all know that if we had the option … Continued

The Future of “Buy Buttons”

“Buy Buttons” are click-to-buy features recently introduced to social media platforms including Instagram and Pinterest. They automatically redirect a user to the advertiser’s ecommerce site to purchase a product they had just seen. Instagram has a positive attitude about buy … Continued

Marketing Success, Today’s Four Pillars

  So many heads of marketing discuss with me, “Data-driven or creative-driven. Which one are you?” Perhaps, you’ve faced this dilemma when seeking a philosophy and were pushed to choose one direction for your business. Gone are the days of … Continued

Business Lessons from Winter Driving

Driving in winter means driving through all the elements – snow, rain, sleet and slush – oh so similar to business. A major correlation is when the road isn’t smooth and dry. When hitting a rough patch of snow, most … Continued

2016 Mutual Fund Marketing Predictions

Mutual Funds endured a lot of attacks in 2015. Predictions of their demise have been more than just premature. Yes, many have suffered huge outflows, but many have experienced inflows. In fact, based on ICI data, Mutual Funds were basically … Continued

2016 ETF Predictions

The world has already embraced, and many have mastered, the ETF formula. ETFs are the fastest, and frequently, the most economical way for an investor to express their investment thesis in a single trade. Proof? The industry took in an … Continued

2016 Alternatives Marketing Predictions

Last year, we published our 2015 Hedge Fund Predictions. This year, Hedge Funds are joining Private Equity, VC, Real Estate, Liquid Alternatives and everything else that doesn’t fall under traditional long-only stocks and bonds. Our first prediction is that all … Continued

Motivating Your Prospects to “Swipe Right”

We live in a world where with a moment’s glance, it only takes a simple swipe to the left or right to express a person’s perspective. You’re selected, or you’re not. In this competitive world, most of our clients sweat … Continued

Leveraging and Learning from Industry Influentials

Influentials are the people who shape opinions, and motivate prospects to buy your product or service, or to avoid it. In many industries, especially financial services (e.g. institutional and financial adviser channels), it is a very small community. It is … Continued


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